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The New arrival & departure Terminal 3 at Malaga Airport / Costa del Sol Airport

The new arrival & departure terminal is seen as a key for the future of tourism, economy, quality and safety. If you travel with Ryanair, you arrive at the old terminal T-2 with non-Schengen passengers. Gothenburg-based City Airline example will departure from T-2 at Malaga Airport.
New T-3 will primarily serve domestic passengers and passengers to and from Schengen countries who travel with airlines such as SAS, Spanair, British Airways, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Transavia, Finnair, Norwegian Air Finland.

The History;
First arrival at Malaga airport the 9 of March 1919

There have been some years since 9 March 1919, when an aircraft of type Salmson 2A circled over Malaga to find a suitable place to land. The pilot found a piece of land named "El Rompedizo".

It was also Malaga airport's first official name. The flat land gave way to the airport "El Rompedizo" and "Garcia Morato" which today is the official name of the airport following a decision from 1965. Those who sat in the plane that circled over Malaga in 1919 were the Frenchman Pierre Latécoère, the same man who then started the airline Ligne aérienne Latécoère.

The aim was to start a commercial airline that could tie together France with its colonies in North Africa and then fly on to South America. This route was Malaga as a technical stopover.
After a few test flights they opened the route Toulouse, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga, Tangier and Casablanca, September 1, 1919 by Didier Daur Principal Airport Manager in Malaga.

During the Civil War the passenger traffic died out, it was only the air force that used the airfield. Civil aviation did not begin in serious until July 12, 1946 that Malaga airport got national and international status.

1960 they modernized the airport with the new control tower, new arrival & departure terminal, and runway extension with the charter flights arrival, thirty airlines served Malaga airport 1965. Navigation systems VASIS and VOR was installed in 1965, ILS 1966, the airport received its first radar 1970.

The airport has since then been rebuilt and modernized during the years 1968 and 1972. 30 November 1991 inaugurated the present terminal Pablo Ruiz Picasso, who was named after the city's famous artist, architect Ricardo Bofill. A new control tower was completed in November 2002, equipped with the new technological system VICTOR.

Even the Spanish Air Force had air divisions in Malaga. 1959 shifted much of the military operations to military airfield Moron de la Frontera outside Seville. 1973 was the military aviation in Malaga virtually ceased.

It should be noted also that the airport is in a very nature sensitive area, at Guadalhorce river mouth on the Mediterranean. The area has 253 species of birds that nest in the salt lakes located between the runway and the sea. The airport sign an environmental certificate 2003 which involves the ongoing evaluation activities to see how much it affects the environment so that the natural balance is not disrupted.

The second runway to be open in spring 2012 will provide only about 35% increase in traffic due to the natural reserve located southeast of the runway. So aircraft will only take off and land from inland.

Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport change its name to Malaga Airport Costa del Sol.

After years of discussing has they finally agreed on the name of Malaga International Airport. The name change has been confirmed in the State Bulletin BOE, Development Minister José Blanco has signed the change of the official name of which comes from the proposal Malaga Municipality presented September 30, 2010 that the Costa del Sol should be included in the airport's name to promote the tourism market. It was in turn a response to a request from the local business organization Aehcos.

The purpose of the name change is to better market the name of Costa del Sol. To this end, the local tourism sector want also change the airport's abbreviation from AGP to SOL. The abbreviation is vacant, but the decision on a change lies with the international airline body IATA. Malaga Costa del Sol Airport has three terminals. T2 was inaugurated in 1991 and was named Pablo Ruiz Picasso. T3 was inaugurated in March 2011.