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When we are out on our sailing yacht, these are the animals and Fishes that we can face, some more common than others.

Common dolphins

The common dolphin is not the dolphin of popular imagination despite its name; that distinction belongs to the bottlenose dolphin due to its widespread use in marine parks and its appearance in the television series Flipper. However, this dolphin was the most frequently represented in the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

In the Alboran Sea common dolphins can fortunately still be seen frequently and in large groups of several hundred.

Common dolphin species are medium sized dolphins. Adults range between 1.9 and 2.5 metres long, and can weigh between 80 and 235 kilograms, Males are generally longer and heavier. The color pattern on the body is unusual. The back is dark and the belly is white, while on each side is an hourglass pattern colored light grey, yellow or gold in front and dirty grey in back. They have long, thin rostrums with up to 50–60 small, sharp, interlocking teeth on each side of each jaw. they have a varied diet consisting of many species of fish and squid. They are fast swimmers (up to 60 km/h)

Alnitak has been monitoring the common dolphin in the Alboran Sea since 1992. A study on the genetics of common dolphins shows how a strong gene flow is maintained between common dolphins of Alboran and the Atlantic gene pool, whereas common dolphins east of the Almería-Oran front appear to have little or no connection with Alboran and Atlantic common dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphins

are a very familiar species in the Alboran Sea. Found mainly in coastal waters along the shelf edge, bottlenose dolphins often aggregate in big groups of over 100 dolphins in key foraging areas as around the island of Alboran and the submerged volcanic mountains and escarpments south of Almería.
As a result of 20 years of monitoring, a series of sites have been proposed as marine protected areas for the bottlenose dolphin under the EU Habitat Directive.

Sea Turtles on Costa del Sol (article Loggerhead turtle)

The sea turtle is an endangered species who lives in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately not so common to see.
Sea turtles should be planted into the Mediterranean in the fight against jellyfish. This is the view of many experts. Since 1994, CREMA planted out no less than 300 specimens of sea turtle (Caretta caretta) Many of them have been replanted after being taken up injured. Many turtles injured at sea by boats and fishing gear. Those receiving rehabilitation at CREMA are replanted and receive a microchip so that researchers can have the number of turtles under supervision.

Between January and July stranded 64 turtles along the Andalusian beaches. Fewer and fewer loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) is observed nowadays, according to researchers.

Sun fish on Costa del Sol

We see this magnificent fish on a regular basis during the Summer when they enter mediterranina to feed primarily on Jellyfish. These are largely a tropical fish and can reach three meter long, although we mostly see the smaller ones.
They enter the surface for several reasons, warmer water, searching for food and the removal of their sea lice by the Seabirds. This behavior can usually be mistaken as an act of an emergency, given the appearance of floating on the surface, it is actually totally natural and enjoyable to see them on our trips.

Flying fish

Their most remarkable feature is the pectoral fins, which are unusually large, and that allows the fish that after a sharp jump to make short gliding flights in the air above the sea surface to escape predators.

The longest flight filmed, in approximately 45 seconds, made outside Japan in May 2008, On several occasions, however the flying fish had to take the help of the tail fins to continue to stay above water.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the sea in the world that are most threatened in terms of biodiversity. Over ten years have several hundred scientists worked on a study of marine species. And for the Mediterranean does the future look bleak.